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MOLOKAI, The friendly isle. . .

Molokai is the island to visit last, after all the other islands. It is where Old Hawaii is entrenched, resisting development and the lifestyle that makes Molokai special. In Kaunakakai you will find the Saturday Farmers' Market and the Hotel Molokai with a few streets making up the town. The west coast also offers some vacation condos. The pace is slow here and that's how Molokai's 8,000 folks prefer it. If you enjoy strolling unspoiled beaches with just a few people, reading or playing cards and taking it easy, this is the place for you. There is really no nightlife or shopping malls. Molokai is not Maui. But there are some of the best preserved coral reefs and seaside cliffs that rise 3,600 feet. Rugged beauty is found throughout the island with many snorkeling and kayaking opportunities.

30 minute flights from Honolulu or Maui are available a few times a day, but make sure you have a rental car lined up ahead of time. The cars are not plentiful on Molokai and the daily rental price is higher than the other islands. If you are taking the 90 minute ferry from Maui make sure you have the exact return schedule.

Yes, Molokai is the island with the famous leper colony at Kalaupapa. This remote complex on the north shore has only about 100 recovered former Hansen's disease patients now, but the gravesite of Father Damian, who cared for the patients and is revered as a saint, is on Molokai. Aside from his medical help, Father Damian built homes, and even coffins, in the days before sulfone ended the terrible suffering of Hansen's disease for the Kalaupapa's residents.

IMPORTANT HINTS: What's important to remember? It's your sunscreen, number 15. Hawaii is close to the Equator and you can burn in 40 minutes. The second thing to remember in Hawaii is to keep drinking fluids. If you are outdoors, drink one glass of water or juice every hour!

Wonder about packing? Pack cotton shorts or cotton dresses, clothing that breathe. Most of the day you'll be in a swimsuit, so you don't need much.