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When you start to plan a special vacation you may worry about the possibility of something unforeseen happening, forcing you to cancel your vacation. I offer travel insurance to calm your worries at a reasonable price. As long as all portions are inside the same vacation package-- airline tickets, car rental, hotel or condo-- the insurance covers it all. If you had to cancel you only lose the insurance cost, or just $39 per person, or $79 per family. The balance is refunded back to you. Your vacation is covered from most usual reasons of cancellation:

  • Medical, including most pre-existing conditions.
  • Accidents
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Jury duty
  • Weather related problems, such as hurricane that damaged home.
  • Loss of job, if on the job more than 5 years.
Or Cancel for Any Reason?

If your everyday life is very uncertain with demanding schedules, there is insurance where you can cancel for any reason, right up to the departure day, including "no-shows". This insurance is $59 per person and is available on vacation packages.